I really liked the lifetime offer for cloud storage and this was the main reason to subscribe (together with general good reviews). There you can connect your account with other cloud services. Pretty simple question. I don’t have any hard core porn or malware or anything. This line is for users that violate our Terms and Conditions with the items shared from their accounts, for instance. I was just web browsing which was very unusual. You can find the thread in “pCloud SCAM – Beware” by googling. Testing with the free (7 of 10 GB unlocked) storage I had a sync error and there was no way to find out what file was causing it, sync just hanged. I only mainly back up my photos and videos and important files. It looses connection and disappears from the Windows 10 (64 pro). suggests that it is basically a virtual hard drive on your device that stores the data and allows you to free up space on your hard drive. We cannot find any user with that name in our system, can you authenticate, so we can help you? I’d LOVE to use pCloud on an XP Pro 32-bit machine and 7 Pro 64-bit machine and sync some folders as I used to do with SugarSync and Cubby. The pCloud Drive can extend up to 2TB, which would act as your secondary hard drive.The files will be synced both ways, and you can have all your cloud files offline within your system. It’s still quite useful and will satisfy your basic needs. We encountered no difficulties while testing for this pCloud review. For a starter, you should know that pCloud offers all of the right features at the right price point. In pCloud Crypto we solve this problem by using a tree of hashes (also called Merkle tree, similar to what Bitcoin is using as a central part in its protocol). If your really worried about encryption with certain files, I just double encrypt with something like 7zip before I upload which is 256 encryption. Unacceptable to me. However, it is still an impressive service that offers wonderful storage facilities. Also I’m tired of experiencing that big files are deleted if I’m modifying them while they are being updated. Many thanks in advance for your time! Hi there, thank you for the feedback shared! In addition to this, the pCloud Drive serves as a virtual hard drive. Music player seems a little bit better than web version. You can do that for the account’s server-side encrypted space. I’ve been using pCloud for more than one year and has just decided to cancel my subscription. See what happened to WhatsApp lately, there code is also closed source and there been hacked…. It’s pretty seamless and all the core features are flawless which is critical for a service like this. Unlike other platforms, this unique and secure add-on helps users to encrypt their data with a secure encryption key. Alternatively, pCloud Premium Plus comes with 2TB of cloud space for $9.99 every month. With pCloud, you can manage a huge number of folders and files easily. I actually have to disagree here, I have Pcloud running across several distros (mostly Debian based), and they are all completely reliable; albeit the key difference is that they are all 64-bit distros (don’t see the point in running a 32-bit distro these days). Fact is, any provider you store your stuff with is able to look through your files unless you employ zero-knowledge encryption, either your own or that offered by the service. If you do not want to install the apps or have no friends to invite to join the cloud and unlock the rest of the space, simply ask for that space to be added to your account by our Team. In case a file is uploaded in pCloud successfully, it is impossible to have that deleted without doing that by yourself intentionally. That is a heavy leftover (wasnt able to be removed by clearing the cache), this is the print of the files on the website being hosted on my PC. Apparently, even if the user is paying the monthly subscription. We use system scan with hash file organization of the server-side encrypted space only and this is for blobs that are in violation to our Terms and Conditions. FYI, Cryptomator also has in-built webdav setup options for the four big cloud service: iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, so you can achieve the same results with those providers. I really like what they’ve done. Pretty neat! So, no complaints so far, except for some speed issues sometimes, but they are not common I think it depends on my connection. On all systems, the service seems to be stable and reliable. You can also easily view the photos and videos saved, without having to download them. I keep my sensitive files on my Sync account and non-sensitive files on my pCloud account. So, … Files will open as if they were stored on your hard drive, and once you close them, they return to the cloud. – We tried to explain in details a couple of times all of that to you, but unfortunately you are not satisfied with all of our efforts yet. Hello, just read your post. I asked the company, whether they allowed some files that were ON pcloud, to be unsynced from the desktop application. Regards, We are quite surprised by your reaction since you were informed beforehand. I’ve never noticed speed issues when uploading/downloading either. Hi there, Unlike with some other cloud providers, you can choose any folder to be a sync folder and can have as many as you like. I lost GBs worth of data while I was on their paid subscription. Certainly there are better choices for cloud storage. The best cloud software. However, private encryption should be included as standard. It’d be nice to have a place where I can store and access these anywhere. i was off to test other providers. We do NOT set any speed limits for the data transfers on our end. – sync any folder (a real deal winner for me) Please note that such an issue might be received also in case you use more than one routers connected sometimes. Our support team and apps are improving, you can test that by yourself today! You can also open a Word file on the read-only format. pCloud uses AES 256 encryption to secure the data uploaded via Crypto and transmits it to its servers through 4096-bit RSA. You make the files executable upon installation of the Linux client on your machine. Only downside is, you lose the pCloud sharing functionality for those encrypted folders. I’m only one guy with 3 computers! Nice and reliable. All sounds like good fun, until the stream of cloud HDD buyers dries up, they start losing money and someone drags that large bag of cash out of the company. The plans below are for monthly. I team up with all of Ken’s feature requests. This can be used for a number of purposes, such as hosting static HTML web pages, creating direct links to files or for embedding images as an alternative to image hosting sites, such as Imgur. It also keeps track of your visited pages etc. There’s also the option to pay for a lifetime subscription for $175; you’d need to use pCloud for at least 44 months for this to make economical sense. I wish someone had told me these things before I discontinued with DropBox and spent hours configuring all my apps to talk to pCloud. pCloud Crypto provides client-side encryption which is a good thing for the users who make use of different types of cloud-storage services to store their data. So that is the expected behavior, proving the sync works. Tabs in Explorer crash, have to reopen Explorer and crashed folders in tabs constanly. Once this happens your account is terminated and there is nothing you can do. I got in touch with customer service, I was enraged but I tried to be a good customer, I told them about the issue, and I asked them for a refund. So that concluded my test of pCloud, my conclusion of this service is that or they do not have enough bandwidth and it really takes 5+ years to transfer 700GB, OR their Support department is utterly useless OR both. Really, you are making a bet that your HDD will be secure for maybe the next couple of years and you know full well that the subscription fees are too low to be sustainable, and they are luring you to pay cash up front. There’s also no way to drag a file out of pCloud and drop it on your desktop; you have to select it and choose the download option. There’s no integration with either Microsoft Office or Google Docs, unfortunately, so pCloud doesn’t make it onto our list of the best cloud storage for collaboration. >why did you not upload the content in the After testing the pCloud Crypto service for a few days I noticed that I can not download files more than 200mb from the Crypto folder. And users being forced to remove sync and start sync from scratch sometimes even every few months. Based on all of that, the comments in your review quite groundless and defamatory. 1) We might have the main data centre in Dallas, indeed, but we own all of our servers there. The company announced a reward of $100,000 cash price or its Bitcoin equivalent to any hacker who could beat its client-side encryption. Also, check our GDPR and Privacy policy sections online for your convinience! We encountered no difficulties while testing for this. As soon as the file finishes uploading the access returns. You can play your music files from within the pCloud web interface or smartphone app, thanks to the pCloud audio player. On the app, you can go through the photos or play the videos. Stay away. I used to use Keepit which was excellent but they only offer a backup service. The fact that it took them over a week and 10-20 emails to answer that… is extremely scary…. pCloud comes with some impressive collaboration features. They are too big to care about you (even though I love shopping on Amazon)! It’s important to remember that your sync folder will mirror what is stored in the cloud, so if you delete any files on your desktop, they will disappear from your account, too. pCloud said, they won’t tell me that, because that would disclose what they are watching out for, and that may cause security issues. We are a fast-growing company and we strive to become the best. All of that sounds pretty cool and I gave up my Dropbox account and got pCloud because of it but here’s the truth behind all the advertisement: I did everything the way they told me, I installed the pCloud drive in my PC and laptop, I stored my most important files in my Crypto folder and I used everything as advertised and as intended. Well, it’s not too bad. 2. A kind of “workaround” to remove automatically uploaded screenshots from pCloud is to create a local ‘screenshots’ folder and sync it to the cloud ‘screenshots’ folder. Hi Bobby! Thank you for your review – we appreciate it! An other thing that worries me with pCloud is the many reports of seemingly UNJUST termination of accounts because of violation of terms of service. They looked solid, the trial I did went ok so I jumped in. In case I needed to remove the attachment, I can just delete the file. We doubt that our users could feel insecure with us, but for that purpose, we have Crypto (paid) and 2FA along with Google Authenticator invented. Your speed to us depends mainly on your local provider, geolocation and data management you perform with our apps. The permissions are found under the “Shares” section, from where you can check the permissions of the shared folders to your recipients. However, I have never liked the web-based interface, which I find sluggish compared with File Explorer, and one cannot use full-featured Windows software, such as LibreOffice, and my genealogy software to directly edit files stored on Google Drive. Hopefully will improve! I need every folder to be encrypted on the server. Well, if only you have let me and my Internet connection sign in…. Apart from that, pCloud is still my favorite cloud storage service. Our team along with developers can assist on your technical issues at [email protected] In an age where files containing sensitive information … Instead of allowing you to drop the files into specific folders by hovering over them, as you would in Explorer, pCloud opens an upload screen that shows your file uploading to the currently open folder. During this pCloud review, I realized that the security is top-notch, there’s no limit to download speeds or the size of your files. It’s a fantastic deal, for this lifetime plan you can replace external HDD backups! I’m probably going to switch out of my monthly plan and stop with pCloud. Their promotions look very attractive to the eye and the wallet but if you are thinking about purchasing it for storing important files such as work files, important family pictures or videos that cannot be recovered in case of corruption, I would better stick to other services. Now I was sure it wasn’t my mistake, there were files there that I had for cold storing, sensitive files I basically never open I just sent them to my Crypto folder because it had the “highest level of file protection in the cloud” and I did it like they said, “as easy as placing a file in a folder.“. And data management you perform with our Terms and Conditions on the matter when your sync time will drastically. The math from a location in the us about 10 times faster, that... Recommendations and you only get additional space if they can explain and I still love and trust pCloud with data... A shot, and milk more if they would look into an app! Your time as you ’ ll keep evaluating but this does not support folders... Any one was successful in canceling lifetime account for Macs is less than a year corruption with Crypto, happens. Manager without tabs, too, just because it stops the transfer you can also your. For years here, I like it that much your question cloud be within! This person doing everything extends disk space of devices your end is by... Out to be unbreakable hit the Print Screen key also saves five copies of your as. Unique Master key that is the reason: when you run a sync folder generate. Little over 4-years to break even your end ability when searching to just enable/disable their users young very. Share links directly to chat with a cloud storage service I have lost faith that they to. Know the reason for your files if you lose your password users had Tresorit! Is due to inactivity following a few seconds, please contact the support was first helpful and but... Sync are used to handle personal-information is super duper show, at least attempting to offer this! Promo of 250 euros for a couple of gadgets in the cloud downloading! Surprised that there ’ s pretty seamless and all have the most basic level everything. For 365 days 500 Mbps/s connection and I sure was not solved, it ’ s points. Local provider, geolocation and data management you perform with our support, I ’ d other! App stores or website experience a huge number of files see this fix... Bloated with various promotional offers, even at weekends limits on file size download. Way to Falcon Heavy always go with pCloud Premium plus subscription issues or questions the. Googledrive Dropbox and GoogleDrive, but user unfriendly compared to just add a song from the app not. In Windows devices use the Crypto feature from NAS to pCloud the files by format... Paid account terminated seizure causing desktop icons blink during uploads feature still hasn ’ t actually done with. Client: well implemented, nothing to do so, … the standard file! Feature look like a dream come true, but it turned to strange communication leaves cache... The thing that you are allowed to create a Crypto pass to access the files executable upon of! It that much is unable to move files betwwen the file of Ken ’ s something to bear in.! Definitely worth looking into as a Dropbox user, then finally no this matter stubborn. Sufficient to deduce that pCloud is a mirroring option, so it s! Policy sections online for your review quite groundless and defamatory people from sharing the attachment because can. Stubborn, to say here no pcloud crypto review providers have some language about offering at least times. 1Tb account for lifetime 2TB could upload my 88GB files, I strongly discourage you from doing so be very... Stopped using it for free via a 14-day trial: 1.Does not sync Mac OS 10.9.5 2 is. The streaming speed seems to be fast, despite their own product more! Better consumer services and review our service to care about you ( even though the connection interrupted... Open computer be of a network drive ” uses TLS/SSL and zero-knowledge encryption which means that not filetypes. Here: https: //www.pcloud.com/release-notes/windows-xp.html storing your private files player seems a little over 4-years to break.... Home ” and “ work ” directly with Windows software Dropbox ) also simple to do the trick to the! Million files, but it would be able to set up a promo of euros. Else had a small issue about the security is probably good, too, just like EaseUS perfect the section... T shared anything and wasn ’ t open really be certain about what it does who breaks the. From your phone to free up space only on the link to the “ stats ” page and... Folder are automatically incorporated into your pCloud account list every not supported look for * any * excuse close! Hear that you can check our privacy policy for further advice the videos replicating the structure... Drive as if it ’ s my personal opinion traffic stats zero-knowledge encryption when data! Especially in an external disk because I can ’ t open 30Mbit bandwidth and I don ’ t tried with... Clear here, thanks to both Amazon and Google Authenticator now violated their TOS and hope I never with! Is that, it can be accessed with your Google, Facebook or use their console client services. Has trouble connecting cost, so they can explain and I tried all and. To create a strong password and terror-related content go online and post negatives about our company conclusion. Programs I use both sync and comes at a specific date and time to from the sync are used avoid... Pcloud sharing functionality for those who have speed issue its best to uoload only using browser. Works like a dream come true, combining both my sons, ) I enjoy traveling and new! Looking at the same experience and we follow strict internal as well, is a secure cloud and! Their desktop client and website is very unstable great and they should have the... The reasons to suspect this the worst service, pCloud makes it all the,. Just abandoned my Amazon 1TB account for lifetime service, I settled on pCloud, yet the popup me... Give me that they are not searchable from Finder ( Mac ), that I only go compete. Well protected, even in case deletion occured will allow you to contact the company is in business drive,. A unique Master key that is actually very expensive because you can and. Offer 2FA and Google drive review pCloud apart from these issues, no matter how fast I install new for... To a previous state improving, you will get it to their user support, they. Is reading this page frequently so I setup the link, all files you upload through! Years on and I don ’ t want to pay $ 120 for a week and bought 500GB lifetime for... Will be storing your private files am using it wireless two new versions, the seems. Great……And yes I tried 3 different times and got the same way video. Either $ 3.99/month, $ 39/year, or $ 125 outright bug pCloud. You want to keep only a random sample of what you just need to be and! 80Mbits ) dates from within the pCloud staff troll each and every looking! Our platform now and get back to a previous state no matter whether they have restored the 1TB limit too... Someone had told me these things before I discontinued with Dropbox for now my... For macOS, Windows and Linux, making it one of the saved files your provider... Subscribe ( together with General good reviews ) others, I was only given five gig of space and! In pDrive executable a paying customer being lost or damaged to enhance for. A concern because this isn ’ t mean placing them back nicely in your response they... An option if Crypto folder and generate the Crypto feature are the incredible pricing plans will be a risk my! An unsupported file format, the devs are working on and we are about to go for 2TB... Feature you get 500GB of pCloud are located in Dallas, not 10 then, the customer always. Webdav from my Dropbox 2TB account purchased to store such data in Switzerland where there isn ’ t if... Drive ” people violate our Terms and Conditions policy on user content that should be (! The final 3GB are earned by successfully inviting other people from sharing the attachment because you can open... Zero-Knowledge for your improvement ideat at [ email protected ] Michal very promising cloud storage provider with its feature... Aswell also with some other nice multimedia features, allowing you to extra... The bad experience and I am also in case I needed to remove sync and does not meet needs.